Bakul is a gifted Healer indeed. I was curious about Access Bars healing . When I got the opportunity to experience it, it turned out to be such a powerful and wonderful healing session. My entire body could experience the healing and my mind felt an immense sense of peace and calm. Thank you Bakul for this magical experience

- Vidisha Kaushal

Bakuls, Access Bars session was very relaxing. I had stomach upset problem. For which Bakul did Access Bars. After that session. My stomach has improved & I am very happy. It is such a gentle way to full health. Bakuls energy healing is very good.

- Sunita Rao

Access bar is an amazing healing modality.It helps us create our own reality and be the director of our own movie of life. Learning Access Bars from Bakul Sir was an awesome experience.He teaches the wonderful technique in the most simplistic manner. How does it get better than this?????

- Shruti Agarwal

Hey family. It's been amazing experience. Access bars is an awesome tool to achieve great leaps in cleansing and healing and Bakul is a wonderful facilitator. Thanks Bakul for your support and yes, my mom is feeling quite energetic after yesterday's Bar Session. Thank you very much for your extended support to your students like me.

- Sucheta Despande

Hey family. I have been to Access Consciousness Classes facilitated by Bakul along with the BARS Session done by him. It was a pretty intense and eye opener experience I had and this helped me in opening my understanding dimension. It gave me a new understanding of “Myself” and a profound understanding of the things which happen in the life. Thanks Bakul for introducing me with this awesome knowledge and getting more clarity in my life.

- Nitika Dahiya

I met Bakul during Doreen virtue's workshop in London. The very moment I met him, my intuition told me that he's a very powerful Earth Angel. He did a card reading and mediumship session for me and everything came out to be so true. He is a very polite , sweet and loving guy. You can keep listening to him for hours and you wouldn't want him to stop.

During our conversation he told me that he is doing workshops across India. Same time I got a guidance to take one of his workshop. I took his workshop in Delhi finally. Those 2 days were one of the most beautiful days I have had. I felt so intense positive energies during his workshop. His guided meditations were so powerful that I could feel the energy flowing throughout.

I just love the way he teaches and clears everyone's doubts. He is a very good spiritual teacher. I will recommend his workshops to everyone who want to know Angels and work with them. If ever I could get a chance to volunteer his workshops and be in service, I would be the happiest person to be a part of his teachings.

Lots of Love and Angel Blessings.

- Jasdeep Chadha

Dear Bakul

Trust all is well with you. Thank you for your lovely workshop on Angels. I was very happy with those wonderful meditations. Felt that lot of baggage were released and i feel light and so joyous.

Loved calling angels always for help.

You are great teacher and transmutes beautiful energies and connection while teaching. Looking forward to attending more of your workshops.

- Love & Light

Hi, Bakul,

I thought your workshop was excellent! I came away with a renewed desire to focus on my spiritual life and communicate more regularly with angels. Your laid back delivery, personality and genuine kindness combined to make it a purely enjoyable experience, as well as an informative one. I finally set up an altar in my apartment, after years of practicing meditation, on-and-off...and that is saying something!

A side may not remember when I was having difficulty with one of the meditations and you said that someone was bothering me. I denied it at the time because I felt uncomfortable admitting it in front of everyone. I met a woman this summer who annoyed me to no end, and one of the participants reminded me of her on the second day. I kept seeing both their faces and just couldn't shake it. Anyway, you were right about that and I just wanted to let you know.

I look forward to having a private reading when you return. Don't forget to check out Inner Space in Abu Dhabi. It might be a good venue for another workshop.

Thank you for an unforgettable experience!.

- Nina Cartee

Angelic Experience was intense. The meditations were very intuitive. The acceptance of inner self had refined. The most profound meditation was the outcome of the Archangel Michael to unfold the mission of life. I am truly blessed to be in this workshop. Hope to align more with the Angels

Thank you dear Bakul.

- Shyamala

Angelic workshop - a very powerful workshop. Lot of joy & fun working with the angels. Knowing the angels now, waiting for help to heal. What an amazing gift by the Creator to us. Bakul, a very big thank you. Am sure that I will be immensely helped and healed, so that I could help others.

Thank you Angels & Thank You Bakul.

- Jayanth P Rao

The workshop was amazing. It gave me an indight into Angelic realm & this was something I always wanted to learn. Bakul you taught us really well & I am taking back a lot of knowledge with me.

Thank you Very Much Bakul.

- Shilpa Nagpal

The workshop was really helpful in my understanding of the Angelic Realm and a connection particularly established with the Archangels. Loved the experience of the guided meditations. I intend to continue my association with the Divine, beautiful, unconditionally loving healing Angels & take the guidance in my healing/light work.

Thank you Bakul & lots of angelic love to you.

- Dr. Soumya Rao P

I was always interested in acquiring knowledge of spiritual healing, know your future to have connections with God. But I was unaware of the path. Now after doing this workshop on Angel Therapy, with all your support I can definitely say that this workshop has helped me to find the correct path towards progress of my life. It was all possible only because of the angels & your kind moral support Bakul.

Now, I totally believe that there is a whole lot of positivity in the Universe and this thought has crossed my mind only because of the strong guidance & support which I received only from you.

Tons & Tons of Thank you to my master “Bakul”.

- Dr. Amol Kokare