Bakul H K is an intuitive person & has been on the spiritual journey since a long time. He believes that he is the chosen one for being a mediator to help people realize their true potential & make their lives worth living. Bakul H K strongly believes in Selfless help & has touched the lives of thousands of people, making a difference in their lives. He is intuitively connected to the angelic realm.

Bakul H K has worked with people from different backgrounds & cultures thereby making him a people's person irrespective of caste, creed, culture or gender. He has worked on various issues like people suffering from ailments to people with relationship issues to people with abundance issues. He is a mentor to many & his healings are miraculous.

Bakul H K's Story of Miracles:

I have been experiencing miracles since a long time with angels. One of the miracles which I would like to share was on my trip of Vaishnodevi temple, years ago. This was the time while I was suffering from a severe hip problem. The way to the temple is to climb the mountain walking all the way to the shrine. Gathering all my courage together, I went climbing the entire path & while I was just about to reach the main entrance of the temple, my courage & will power broke down. I gave up thinking that I can't do this anymore Just a few seconds later, a young, stunning & handsome man comes there out of the blue. He addressed himself saying that he was from the army & offered me to help reach the temple. I agreed & within minutes I reached the temple. Upon reaching the temple, I just turned my back to express my gratitude for all his help. But he was not to be seen. He had disappeared. I know that it was none other than Archangel Michael.

This was my first experience ever with Archangel Michael, much before I knew about angels or angel therapy. After this also, I have experienced angels at various points in my life. For instance, getting transport from nowhere at places where there is no one to be even seen or getting a hotel room when the manager just told me a few minutes back that all the rooms are full. And all of a sudden there is a last minute cancellation & wooo I got a room. The journey with angels has been miraculous.

I have this profound fear of doctors & hospitals. My heart just pounds at the very thought if I ever have to visit a doctor. One such experience which I would like to share was when I had to undergo my dental surgery. I was petrified with the thought of surgery. But as I entered the doctor's clinic, I could feel immense peace & light around me. I realized that it was none other than Archangel Raphael by my side throughout the surgery giving me that strength to go through my surgery.

I feel completed blessed to have angels in my life at all times. They are always just a call away to help me, support me during my tough times. Angels have not only helped me, but I have also witnessed miraculous transformations in the lives of my participants & clients. I would like to offer heartfelt gratitude & love to my mentors Dr. Doreen Virtue & Charles Virtue and all the ascended masters, archangels & angels for loving me, supporting me & guiding me on this wonderful journey.

Bakul H K Merits:

Access Conciousness Facilitator
Angel Intuitive & Angel Certified Practitioner - Certified by Dr. Doreen Virtue & Charles Virtue
Tarot Card Reader
Certified Rising Star Practitioner
Certified Practitioner & Teacher for Theta Healing workshops : Vianna Stibal
Certified Past Life Regression Practitioner - Dr. Newton Kondaveti
Certified Inner Child Practitioner - Dr. Newton Kondaveti
Heal your Life - Louise Hay
Many workshops with Dr. Wayne Dyer, Cheryl Richardson, Gorden Smith, Greg Bredan