Angel therapy is an alternative healing concept that involves communication with angels. It helps us to heal ourselves in various ways. Angels do help us when we call upon them , they will not intervene in your life unless you request their assistance , they respect our freewill and only on rare occasions they will appear without being asked

This 2 day Angel Healing Workshops invites you for:

Chakra Meditation
Higher Chakra Activation
Knowing your Earth Realms
Connecting with the Archangels & Angels
Automated Writing through Archangel Michael
Atlantis Healing Meditation
Knowing Indigo, Rainbow & Crystal Children
Letter of Release with Angels or Manifestation with Angels
Psychic & Angel Card Readings
Healing Heart Meditation with Archangel Chamuel
Angel Therapy Meditation

Other Workshops Conducted are:

Scrying Workshop
Star Magic Healing Facilitator
Access Bars Workshop
4 Hour Body Class Workshop
4 Hour Money Class Workshop
2 Day Angel Healing Workshop
3 Day Tarot Numerology Workshop